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I put my mouth on it!

I've been thinking a lot about which strategies will help me grown my business, and it's not an easy conversation to have, because it ultimately leads to me realizing I'm not always putting my energy in the right places.

In today's vlog, I make a few of these revelations, but I'm feeling very good about all of them.

First, I realized that my new book didn't help me get into the local events that I was hoping to be a part of. So, I have to examine why that might have been the case.

Second, when talking with a friend about Instagram, and how the algorithm has royally fucked our engagement with our fans, I picked up on some things I might more of, that I haven't been so far. Short story: make stuff that keeps people around longer.

Also, I discuss how collaboration is going to be the theme for my work for the rest of 2017, and beyond, but noticing that I'm not doing nearly as much as I can yet. That's going to change.

Finally, I talk about the future, and how if I'm going to be more successful, I need more proliferation into some platforms, which brings me to the biggest news of all, but you're gonna have to watch the video to find out.

Yes, I'm a sadist for making you go through the entire video to get that video, but hey, a boy has to eat. While you're over there on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe to my channel, because I put out videos on a weekly basis, and I always have fun things to share.


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  • Dave on

    Thanks, Peta, I appreciate that. Take all the energy you need.

    My boy is pretty patient with me, so that’s nice.

  • PEta on

    I enjoyed that. You talk fast! ? Thx fir the heads up about IG .
    I wish I was younger – I think- pointless.
    I will instead take some of your energy that you share with people.
    Kids don’t like you being late btw ?

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