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Not everything needs to have a moral compass - Open Edition Art Print

$ 20.00

Is art for art sake still art? Can something be artistically valid if it doesn't convey a bigger message? Perhaps the message is that some art doesn't speak for itself, but is available for visual dissection by the viewer.

This piece was more of an experiment than anything else. Inspired by one of my favorite artists, Jasper Johns, I this was my first foray into combining blatant typography into my abstract aesthetic.

No big message, no hidden sarcasm, and no soap box to stand on... or is it? Only you can interpret it for yourself, once it's up on your wall.

The Deets:

  • Museum-quality prints
  • Thick, durable, archival, acid-free paper
  • Offered in either 8x10" or 12x16"
  • Printed in the U.S.

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