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Own the Dream Before You Sell the Dream - Open Edition Art Print

$ 20.00

We've all seen those ads on Facebook, or the video bumpers on YouTube of the people trying to sell you the "ideal lifestyle", with the fancy cars, and the stacks of $100 dollar bills on the bed. That may look enticing, but what you don't know is that the fancy cars go back to the rental agency, and the money goes back into the bank account of the lender.

Before we can sell the dream life to others, we must first own the dream ourselves, and even then, we should tread lightly. There are too many people out there making false promises of fame and riches, but very few actually putting forth the truth.

Success isn't a guarantee, but if you're going to achieve success, it starts with lots of hard work, over a long period of time. Let this print be a reminder that there is no lottery for success, and there are no shortcuts to winning.

The Deets:

  • Museum-quality prints
  • Thick, durable, archival, acid-free paper
  • Offered in either 8x10" or 12x16"
  • Printed in the U.S.

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