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Kill Your Memes - Open Edition Print

$ 20.00

You know those times you find yourself cruising along in Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr, and you find a photo that really gets your attention. It's a finely crafted, attractive graphic, perhaps with a phrase or theme that resonates with you.

Moments later, after more browsing, you find another image with a similar look. At first you feel an affinity for this image, just like the first, but then you see another, and another. Soon enough, you sort out that there are countless people online duplicating a trend, and you start to wonder if they have ulterior motives.

Are these graphics made to be an homage to a style they found elsewhere, or are they trying to steal a little bit of attention from that original image, perhaps for their own personal gain? Before long, you start seeing patterns of memes all over the place, until a point where you can't not see them. The become pervasive to the point of viral, and it leaves you wondering if anyone knows how to be original anymore.

Now you can share your own feelings on the subject.

The Deets:
  • Museum-quality prints
  • Thick, durable, archival, acid-free paper
  • Offered in either 10x10" or 14x14"
  • Printed in the U.S.

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