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Signed Copy of Patience & Ritual | Series 1, Volume 1

Signed Copy of Patience & Ritual | Series 1, Volume 1

$ 20.00

Welcome to the future existence of Dave Conrey. From this point forward, you can expect many things to come from me, beyond art, and that includes painstakingly crafted books for your visual consumption. We're starting with this first volume of what will be an ongoing series, entitled Patience & Ritual.

The subject of this first volume circles around the simple idea of patience, as it applies to creativity, and how I came putting into practice a daily ritual of making art. This is the Book 1 of a three book series, with other series planned for the future. The other volumes will be following shortly, if they are not out already. Also stay tuned for the compendium of the first series.

This order is for hand-signed, limited edition of Patience & Ritual | S-1, V-1.  You can buy the book on Amazon right now for less, or have it personalized by me, with a little extra something special. 

The Deets

  • 80-Page book filled with dozens of art and lettering images, pulse a nifty story
  • Hand-signed, limited edition of 50 copies. 
  • Expect delivery on or after July 15, 2017
  • $5 for domestic shipping
  • $10 for international (does not include VAT, could be due at customs)